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Baltimore Sun with Michael Cantori

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     "Herrmann the Great - A Journey through Media"

     Lithe of build, graceful of tongue and carriage, dark, piercing eyes, and facial features cast from a prince of the underworld, Alexander Herrmann embodied the word "magician." His persona permeated the popular culture of his day, and his image still holds power in our present societal subconscious as the archetypal conjurer. A mesmeric personality both on and off the stage, he was ever the theatrical magician, ever the exhibitor of his craft. The book is intended to be a journey of Herrmann through the lens of his audience, as projected through the newsprint of the day. It does not seek to delve behind the scenes, but to hopefully paint a picture on the canvas of the goal of his craft - mystifying vast audiences of theatrical patrons.

     A fascinating progression of Herrmann's art and influence, as well as a glimpse of the ubiquitous theater and its value in bygone American culture.

382 pages of carefully culled and transcribed articles.  6x9" format.


Magic book Michael Cantor

"The Magician's New Hat - On Art or Illusion" is primarily meant for the aspiring magician who is interested in the artistic potential of the craft. The book contains 52 quotes culled from individuals within various disciplines such as painters, authors, actors, philosophers, musicians, dancers, etc. These quotes are matched with appropriate commentary to help the reader apply such wisdom to theatrical magic in hopes of bettering their performance and give greater meaning to the art.


60 pages.  18.00 plus 4.00 shipping (USA rate)



Denny Haney Michael Cantor Cantori

Per the late, great Denny Haney of Denny and Lee Magic Shop:


    "For years my clients have been asking about the Comedy Legs Table that I use in my Multiplying Bottles routine. The one I use was built back in the seventies by my good friend, Bob Myers. From what I understand, less than a dozen of these were ever made and Bob passed away many years ago. We have finally completed the first copies of the Bob Myers table and they are now available for ordering. The mechanics of these tables are exactly as the one I use in my routine. This is a quality piece, built for the road and is correctly built in every way. Table top size is 26 x 20 which is perfect for the bottle routine. Each of these tables is hand made  and is numbered and signed. I actually feel that these are finer than the one I have been using my wntire career. IT IS THE BEST MADE! If you want to see this table in action with the multiplying bottles routine, just go to youtube and enter “dennymagic” in the search block."

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